Monday, July 18, 2016

Working for the man

What a change from working for oneself - its an adjustment - 
but we are making it work! - 
Moving here was a huge "leap of faith" as our friend Beth says - 
adjusting to life here has been the same!
We had a wonderful social life in Traverse City... friends and family that we were close to
and our days were filled with both work and play.  
We had a few couples we did things with as couples -  WE MISS OUR FRIENDS!
Bruce has adjusted to "working for the man" but what an adjustment that has been - 
but he whistles while he works when he is reminded of the paycheck and wonderful benefits - 
in addition to living 4.5 miles from our daughter and grandbabies - :-) 
Krystal has been accepted into Nursing school and starts in late August so the main
reason for moving down here has another notch in the "meant to be".
While everyone that you meet is friendly so far its the loneliest place we have ever lived - 
but we are hoping in time that will change - 
this past week we had a double lunch date - with new friends - 
we had a great time!
Its funny in talking to a friend last night they said that they had heard that 
Bruce had been moved to another shift at work
 because the guys on the previous shift did not like him?
SERIOUSLY who starts this stuff - this is so not true and anyone that knows Bruce
likes him, respects him and admires the work that he does.  They needed someone
with his expertise on the other shift to "GET THINGS DONE"  so in the future
unless you have your facts straight and from a reliable source better to keep quiet!
Also if you have questions about something you have heard ask the person.
All in all life is good and are so thankful for each others company
and that we still enjoy being happy together -  
Have a wonderful day and COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS you will be 
amazed what happens when you do - 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

WestSide Tool has closed

By now we are sure that you have heard as of December 30th, 2015
WestSide Tool has closed
 Bruce was offered a job as a lead machinist for a company in the mountains of Northeast Georgia we could not turn down the benefits and the pay -  so we closed the shop, the farm, sold everything including our house and moved - it was a "meant to be" opportunity as everything has seemed to all fall into place - its a beautiful area and we are 4.5 miles from our Grandboys - 
Thank you for many years of support - it was and still is greatly appreciated!!  Bruce and Debra West